Metro Nashville Police

Group Of Guys Beat Up & Kill Homeless Man In Downtown Nashville

Pretty fucked up story coming out of Music City this past weekend.

According to WSMV, a brawl broke out in downtown Nashville at approximately 3 in the morning this past Saturday. One individual, 30-year-old Nicolas Christian, who was homeless according to Metro Nashville Police, was sent to the hospital with a life-threatening head injury, where he eventually died.

Craig Holloway Jr., who was working a hot dog stand a block away, witnessed the attack and called it seemingly “unprovoked.”

“They come around the corner and they hit a guy on the side of the road,” Holloway said. “It didn’t seem like nothing provoked it, it just seemed like it was an uncalled-for act.”

According to witnesses, Christian fell to the ground and was repeated struck by the group of attackers until witnesses intervened. Downtown surveillance cameras recorded images of persons who are believed to have been involved in the final fight or were present as it occurred. The police have since identified the group of attackers.

Relatively young-looking group of guys, one who looks like he has a man bun, in downtown Nashville with nothing better to do than beat a homeless man to death? What the fuck is going on with the world…

Metro Nashville Police
Metro Nashville Police

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