Luke Combs’ Signature Crocs Sell-Out Immediately, Going For Over $300 On eBay

Photos by David Bergman

Luke Combs is a BIG Croc guy. Such a big Croc guy that he worked up his own limited-edition, signature line of Crocs.

The bad news? They sold-out instantly.

Only the die-hard fans might know this, but Luke’s signature Crocs were actually modeled after that guitar he played in college, you know the one with the iconic “Biscuits N’ Porn” sticker? They also featured a wood grain color, Luke’s guitar stickers, and even a fretboard on the “flip up deal,” Luke refers to it.

The CMA Fest pop-up shop exclusive sold-out almost instantly and to Luke’s knowledge, they won’t be remade again. However, if you want to pay an extremely pretty penny, you can find some on eBay where they’re going for upwards of $300 in some cases. Simple supply and demand economics.

Yeezys ain’t got shit on Luke’s Croc market.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock