Russell Crowe Got Drunk With Leonardo DiCaprio & Bought A $35,000 Dinosaur Head From Him

Man, I’d love to get drunk with Russ.

He seems like a blast to sit down with, and if you’ve ever heard his story about drinking tequila with Ed Sheeran, you’d feel the same way.

Yesterday, he stopped by Howard Stern’s radio show and, in addition to talking about his illustrious career, he shared a hysterical story about getting drunk at Leonardo DiCaprio’s house and buying some piece of art right off of Leo’s wall. Except it wasn’t just any ol’ piece of art, it was a $35,000 dinosaur skull.

Imagine having the kind of money where you can just walk into people’s homes and buy shit right off their walls? My idea of stretching the budget with a drunk purchase is spending $17 bucks at Taco Bell. Sure I’m pissed at myself the next morning, but I usually wake up with an extra cheesy goridta crunch in the fridge and I don’t fee so bad. Russ gets drunk a buys a $35,000 dinosaur head, and he doesn’t even know what kind of dinosaur it is. We live in two very different worlds…

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock