Carrie Underwood & The NFL Get Sued For Stealing Sunday Night Football Song

Carrie Underwood holding a microphone
Elsa/Getty Images

Carrie Underwood, the NFL, and NBC were all sued yesterday for allegedly stealing the Sunday Night Football song, “Game On.”

Singer Heidi Merrill accused Underwood and her producer Mark Bright of stealing her song, also titled “Game On,” a song that she originally posted to YouTube back in 2017. She also claims that she pitched the song to Underwood’s team in August of 2017 and eventually received a rejection email in October saying that they chose to pass on it.

Fast forward to the beginning of last year’s football season and Underwood’s “Game On” became the new theme song of Sunday Night Football.

Now, she’s suing Carrie, Mark Bright, NBC, the NFL and more for copyright infringement, however the complaint did not state the amount she is seeking.

Here’s Heidi’s version:

Here’s Carrie Underwood’s “Game On.”

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