Since You Can’t Hear Garth Brooks & Blake Shelton’s New Song “Dive Bar” In Most Places, Here’s A Guy Covering It In His Living Room

If you’re like many people in 2019, owning a phone that fits in your pocket, you don’t listen to the radio much.

You stream most stuff. You’ll see a YouTube video which may prompt you to buy a song on iTunes. Whatever. Garth doesn’t stream on the main platforms, and he also doesn’t do YouTube.

Since Brooks only released his new song with Blake Shelton, “Dive Bar,” to radio, and Amazon Music (I have not met one person who uses that), I figured it was my duty to get you something.

So I found this guy. Jim Gegner. Jim covered “Dive Bar” in his living room for all of us to enjoy. Thank you, Jim. Thank you for your service.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock