Little League Dad Brawl (With Nasty Sucker Punch) Erupts Over 13-Year-Old Umpire’s Blows Call

It wouldn’t be t-ball season in America without some hardo dads throwing haymakers at each other behind home plate.

According to KDVR, this royal rumble comes to us from Lakewood, Colorado, where an all-out brawl broke out on the field over a blown call. Coaches and parents became frustrated over the calls of a 13-year-old umpire, 13 YEARS OLD, at a game that 7-year-olds were playing. Their displeasure erupted onto the field and the next thing you know, the gloves come off and Brayden’s dad is throwing hands with Bryce’s dad.

“I highly doubt that the Rockies had any scouts at the game,” says police spokesman John Romero. “I think the saddest part in all of this is we’re talking about a 7-year-old baseball game a it’s the parents who have to grow up.”

These people are literally the worst people on planet Earth.

It’s bad enough that you have grown-ass adults fighting over a little kids baseball game that, let’s be honest, this is 2019 and they’re probably not even keeping score, but then, you got white shirt sucker punching some guy in the face and sending him to the hospital. Is there no honor in a good old fashioned dad fight anymore? Not to mention the girls that jump into the mix and start throwing punches.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for having your man’s back, but more than likely, you’re only going to wind up hurt yourself.

The best part of this whole ordeal? The lady holding the phone who just keeps repeating, “this cannot happen, this cannot happen.”

Well, it did…

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