Move Over “Old Town Road,” Country Music Has Another Viral “Country Trap” Song

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So I guess this is actually going to be a thing now.

When “Old Town Road” came out and there was all this talk about “country trap” music, I thought it was just going to be a novelty. A fun, catchy song that wasn’t really country but also wasn’t going to have any lasting influence.

Well, I was wrong…

Lil Nas X hasn’t even got his horses out of the back yet and there’s already a new country trap song, or “trailer trap” as this artist calls it, taking over the internet. It’s called “The Git Up” by Blanco Brown, and it’s pretty much a mix of the “Cha Cha Slide” and “Old Town Road,” but with a slide guitar that I guess is supposed to make it country. Either way, it’s currently sitting comfortably at #13 on the Billboard Hot Country chart.

“We thought, “The Git Up” is an insane song,” says Broken Bow Records executive VP Jon Loba. “It can be viral. Let’s put our toe in the water immediately with everything happening with Lil Nas X, and then we’ll follow it up with the meat of the EP.”

Strike while the country trap iron is hot eh? At least they’re willing to admit it.

While in Los Angeles, Loba eventually asked Brown to play a showcase for the label, not without reservations on how Brown would be received by the staff. “Some are staunch country traditionalists,” Loba says, but according to him, the traditionalists loved it. “They can hear that honesty and that grit of Johnny Cash in it. So we quickly got the deal done and have been waiting and preparing and getting it just right.”

Johnny Cash eh?

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Brown has produced songs for artists like Chris Brown and Pitbull, so you know his country cred is pretty solid, but like Lil Nas X with Billy Ray Cyrus, Brown brought in some backup for his catchy dance dance tune, releasing a video with Lainey Wilson showing how the dance is done.

And of course once “The Git Up” was released, the internet did what the internet does in 2019 and turned it into a meme – “The Git Up Challenge.”

God, let me off this ride.

Then again, at least it’s not this…

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