Brothers Osborne To Release A “Live At The Ryman” Album Later This Fall

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Brothers Osborne are one of the best live acts in all of country music, one of the best acts period, but if you haven’t seen them live yet, you haven’t seen shit.

According to a press release, the Bros are taking the magic from their three-night, sold-out stand at the Ryman Auditorium earlier this year and releasing a live album, AKA, a whole mess of that John Osborne guitar shredding that makes me all tingly inside.

“The Ryman shows we did, we recorded them to put out our first live album,” says TJ Osborne. “So, we’ll be putting it out in the fall. We’ll release the track listing pretty soon.”

“We’re a band,” adds John. “We play like a band and certain songs we want to go out there, we want it to be a little bit different, because if you just wanted to hear it like the record, then stay home and listen to the record. So, we want to make it special and that gives us one chance every night to really change it up and flip it over on its head. We’ve spent our entire lives practicing at becoming better at improvising, the last thing we want we want to do is be great at improvising and then not get to do it and our musicians on stage are phenomenal sowe want to give the chance to just looking great. And every night some are better than other and that’s okay. If it wasn’t as good one night, that’s actually what makes it special because it’s not the same damn thing every night. And we’ve had people who’ve come to 10, 20, 50, 60, 70 shows, and I think that’s why they keep coming back, because they do get a bit of variation. And honestly for us, it’s good for our soul, it’s good for our integrity, just to get out there, keep it different, keep it spicy, otherwise it’ll just get stagnant.”

Stay tuned… this is gonna be good.

Here’s a little taste from their face-melting CMA Fest 2015 performance of “Stay A Little Longer.”

Hold on to your butts…

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