RIP To This Poor Guy That Just Got Buried A Million Miles Deep Into The Friend Zone

A man and woman posing for a picture with horses

Damn Daniel…

Listen to this date ladies and tell me you wouldn’t be pumped to hang out with Daniel here. Top Golf, dinner, flowers, horseback riding, and ice cream. Sounds pretty damn good right? I mean, it’s kind of a lot of shit to accomplish in one day, but still, very impressive. Unfortunately for Daniel, she’s #stillsingletho. She caps off this massacre with a #fawwwkyoumean, as in, you didn’t actually think this was going to turn into something serious you silly idiot?

Poor Daniel. So young, so full of life and potential. May he rest in peace.

I mean, you gave it your best shot and were absolutely buried alive 18 thousand miles deep into the friend zone kid. You’re never coming out. You’re so deep into uncharted friend zone territory, Elon Musk couldn’t find you with one of his space rockets. You’re dead.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock