Reynolds Wrap Will Pay You $5,000 A Week To Eat Ribs And Travel

This is a dream job if I ever saw one.

Reynolds Wrap is looking for its next Chief Grilling Officer (corny, but keep reading). For two weeks in August, you’ll travel the USA and eat the best ribs known to man, and get paid $5,000 a week. The job description elaborates:

Along the way, you’ll share tips, grilling techniques and photos on the Reynolds Kitchens website and social channels, so grilling enthusiasts at home can make drool-worthy BBQ ribs on their own. You’ll also receive a $10,000 stipend along with pre-paid travel and lodging for you and a (very lucky) guest!

You’ll be looking for the best ribs in America AND get paid for it AND travel. Is this real life? 10 grand to fuck around and eat ribs during the summer while traveling? All the info on how to apply is right here.