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New Study Says The “Dad Bod” Is The New Six-Pack, More Popular Than Ever With Women

Welp, you can almost hear the guys celebrating.

Planet Fitness conducted a study in which 23 million guys said they had a “dad bod.” If you don’t know, a dad bod is Tim McGraw before he got shredded, or worse. Think an appearance comparable to malleable Play-Doh, but not necessarily incredibly overweight. You get the idea.

In that study, “nearly four in five among both women and men (78%) believe a ‘dad bod’ is a sign of a man who is confident in his own skin.”

Additionally, “more Americans say the “dad bod” is attractive (65% vs. 57%), men with a “dad bod” are sexy (61% vs. 51%) and the ‘dad bod’ is the new six-pack (51% vs. 41%) this year compared to last year.”

The new six-pack? Comedian Chris D’Elia has his thoughts saying, “This is not true. This has never been true. This will never be true.”

The dad bod popularity is now at an all-time high. Supposedly. Don’t forget, Planet Fitness is known to give its customers pizza as they run on a treadmill and they also have a “lunk alarm” if you’re working out too hard and make a noise.

Hey, whether you have the dad bod or not, upgrade to a Bud Diesel this weekend. You might be better off.

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