Maren Morris: “If That Person Isn’t Going Down On You On The Regular, Dump Them”

Maren Morris in a short dress

You can always count on Maren to tell it like it is.

In her new 20-question interview and photo shoot for Playboy’s “Gender + Sexuality” issue, Maren got candid about women in country music, the restrictiveness of the genre, artists using their platform to voice political opinions, her image after working with Playboy, and of course, sex.

When asked what the Playboy readers should know about sex or sexuality, Maren hit ’em with some straightforward advice about being selfish in the bedroom:

“Lingerie is supremely overrated and unnecessary. Also, I would say that if you’re in a relationship and that person isn’t going down on you on the regular, dump them. If it doesn’t happen enough early on, you know what you’re getting for the rest of it. A selfish lover is a no-go from the get-go. Just dump him, dump her, dump whoever it is. If you can’t sometimes give and sometimes take or have a completely equal experience, then that person is probably selfish in many other facets of his or her life as well.”

You hear that fellas?

Skip the lingerie and don’t be selfish. If you want to receive, you best be willing to give in return.

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