Illinois Farmers Throw Party After Flooding Ruins Their Chances Of Planting Crops This Year

A man wearing a hat

Tough times for farmers in Western Illinois these days.

According to Reuters, dozens and dozens of farmers gathered together to drown their sorrows in some ice cold beer after flood waters drowned their fields, making it impossible to plant crops.

James McCune, a farmer from Mineral, Illinois, was unable to plant 85% of his intended corn acres, so he decided to throw a “Prevent Plant Party,” inviting other farmers from the area to join in their misery together with some fried chicken and a keg of beer in Deer Grove, a village of about 50 people located 120 miles west of Chicago.

“Everybody’s so down in the dumps,” McCune said.

You hear that Luke Bryan? What was that “rain is a good thing” bullshit you were singing about back in 2009?

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock