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Granger Smith’s “Heaven Bound Balloons” Matters More Than Ever

It’s really easy to become self-consumed in your daily worries. We all have them.

Stress, money, work, debt, relationships – the list goes on and on. It’s where many of us place our focus, losing sight of what we do have, and what we have accomplished. It’s incredibly simple to be unsatisfied with your current state of being, but equally as difficult to be truly happy and appreciate what sits right in front of you.

Unfortunately, with social media being what it is, and the news on TV being a catalyst for depression, it takes tragedy for many people to have a moment of clarity. Having to write about Granger Smith’s son, River, tragically dying is as tough an article one can write. It’s unimaginable loss. I have four nieces, and the thought of a tragedy like that sends chills down my spine – as did the Granger Smith story.

Back in April, he released a new song called “Heaven Bound Balloons.” That song matters now more than ever.

The song is all about sending notes to the loved ones we no longer have in our lives in the form of “heaven bound balloons.” Country music is always at its best when it makes you feel something. Something palpable. Something that serves as both a reminder, and a wake-up call to cherish what you do have.

We all have loads of bullshit we have to deal with day to day. Some folks have it easier. Some aren’t so lucky. Try to take a step back, and think about those less fortuntate. Appreciate your family and health. Tell them you love them. Realize that we all have one life. There are no do-overs.

“We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one.” – Confucius

Live your life that way.

To date, Granger has raised over $105K for Dell Children’s Medical Center in honor of River.

Upon tragedy, Granger and his family looked to also help others. You can still get a shirt, where 100% of the proceeds benefit Dell Children’s Medical Center.

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