Nashville Bouncers Arrested For Beating The Sh*t Out Of A Sick Customer At Tequila Cowboy

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Fucking ridiculous.

According to Metro Police, two employees of Tequila Cowboy were arrested for assault after beating the shit out of a guy who was throwing up in the bathroom.

The victim – who reportedly wasn’t even drunk when he got sick – was visiting Nashville during CMA Fest when bouncer Guy Coers approached and told him he had to leave. Coers then started to punch the guy in the face as another employee held him down. Later, another bouncer decided to join in to beat and choke the guy as he laid on the bathroom floor. Then, as this guy was laying on the floor getting the shit beat out of him, another employee, Trevor Ault, allegedly joined in and started punching the victim in the face.

Apparently not satisfied that this guy had learned his lesson not to get sick, the bouncers allegedly proceeded to handcuff the victim’s hands behind his back, roll him over, and take some more cheap shots, fracturing his nose in the process. Real tough guys we’ve got here, handcuffing a sick guy and ganging up to beat the shit out of him.

After 20 minutes, the employees then led the victim down a hallway and dragged his face against a metal wall. Then, apparently realizing they were fucked, they tried to clean up their victim and warned him not to call the police or they would have him arrested.

Well, long story short, the guy called the police – who found that he did nothing wrong, and promptly arrested Ault for assault and issued Coers a citation for assault causing bodily injury.

What a bunch of fucking assholes. If you’re in Nashville and decide to go to Tequila Cowboy, you better make sure you don’t get sick, or apparently these steroid-fueled assholes will beat the shit out of you for no reason.


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*According to the Scoop Nashville, Metro Nashville Police Department reports of this incident all reflect the location as “Jason Aldean’s Bar”, however, the actual incident occurred at Tequila Cowboy.

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