Riley Green Releases The Fan-Favorite, “Get That Man A Beer”

Answering the call.

Today Riley Green released a fan-favorite with “Get That Man A Beer.”

“I’m excited we get to kick off the summer tour with another new song for my fans, who keep me making music,” says Green. “This is just another preview for them before my full debut album later this year.”

“Get That Man A Beer” is a story-telling song with a twist, and the kind of country song we need more of these days.

If you find a dive down in Cartersville Georgia
And there’s a dude with bulldogs tattoo in the corner of the bar
With a scar on his left eye
That’s from a mean right hook of mine
He got my girl and a few good licks in
It broke my heart, but that was back then
And I figured out later, that he might have did me a favor
So if you ever get that chance
Won’t you get that man a beer

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock