Nashville Bachelorette Drank Two Bottles Of Wine & “Went Psycho,” Trashes Entire Airbnb

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I think it’s safe to say that these Nashville bachelorette parties are starting to get out of hand.

According to the New York Post, a Nashville bachelorette party guest went on a drunken rampage and destroyed her entire Airbnb. Alexandra Cheety, of Garwood, New Jersey, told police that she drank two bottle of wine and “went psycho,” but also that she didn’t know how the rental property got damaged. Yeah, sure…

Inside, police found damaged blinds, lamps, chairs, a broken coffee table, and when they arrested Cheety, her foot was bleeding which officers say is the result of her kicking out the front windows.

She was then booked on a felony vandalism charge after nearly $2,000 worth of damage.

You see, it’s all fun and games until the rest of the bride squad gets home you’re laying on the floor with a bloody foot after you kicked out the front windows of the Airbnb. One minute it’s all champagne and penis straws and the next thing you know you’re two bottles deep, and all that rage that you’ve have buried deep down inside of you starts bubbling up and you trash a hotel room like you’re a member of Motley Crue.

Don’t get me wrong, every bachelorette party needs one loose cannon, but the kind that will punch a bitch in the face for stealing the show on the dance floor at Honky Tonk Central or they kind that does some ecstasy and goes a little too far with the male stripper she hired, the one that nobody asked for. Definitely NOT this though.

If one thing is for certain, Becky definitely isn’t inviting Alex to the wedding anymore. You can’t have her pulling this shit at the wedding, smashing a cake, punching the pastor, kicking out windows at the church.

Maybe we should go ahead and ban all bachelorette parties in Nashville. All in favor?

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