Angry Florida Woman Goes To Jail After Squeezing Boyfriends Balls Until They Bled

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We have a Florida WOMAN sighting.

Typically these hilarious and bizarre stories from Florida involve a dude, but not this time, and it’s a dandy.

Multiple reports say 21-year-old Katie Lee Pitchford became VERY pissed at her boyfriend during an argument (no details on the argument); she proceeded to bloody his face with punches and scratches, choked him, and then grabbed him “by his balls and squeezed them until they bled.”

That does not sound enjoyable. Whatever he did, he won’t do again I can promise you that much. YEESH.

All this was documented in an arrest affidavit.

According to the NY Post, she was then arrested for battery and accused of violating her probation – she also repeatedly asked the police officers if she could apologize to the boyfriend from the back of the cop car.

This isn’t like the Keith Urban/Sam Hunt “Cop Car” song, though. Not one bit.

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