Lady Gives Her Fiancé INSANE BATSH*T Crazy List Of Bachelor Party Rules

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Every guy’s worst nightmare right here. I’ve seen some ball-busters in my time, some that keep their husbands on a pretty tight leash, and some that I would go as far to even call a bit crazy, but I ain’t never seen anything like this. Make no mistake, they’re out there though.

No harm, no foul with the drugs and cigs and even the strippers if that’s not your thing, but where in the hell does she get off saying no fast cars? A bed time? If you’re a grown-ass man that doesn’t smoke, drink, cuss, gamble, and every so often, visit the occasional skin joint, what else do you even have left? What else do you have that can make you feel a little bit more like a man, because we all know he’s not getting it from this emasculating, train wreck, control freak of a wife he has waiting for him at home.

And, just when you think it can’t get any worse, she pops that ridiculous “edit” in at the bottom, putting the kibosh on the entire thing. The funny part is that you know that the edit came after all 216 people in the comments told her she was an absolute lunatic.

Congrats on your inevitable divorce my friend.

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h/t: BroBible

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