Angry Orchard’s New Spritz Rosé Hard Cider Is The Ultimate Trifecta Of Basic Summer Drinks

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It’s cider, it’s rosé, it’s bubbly, it’s literally everything girls love in a summertime alcoholic beverage.

Courtesy of the good folks at Angry Orchard, their new Spritz Rosé Hard Cider comes in at just 4% ABV, perfectly light and refreshing for those hot summer days when you just want to taste a little bit of bubbly apple juice and not get to obliterated. Unless, you know, you drink the whole case, and then, welcome to a hangover I don’t wish on anybody.

“When we set out to create the recipe for Spritz Rosé, we wanted to capture the time of year when friends get together outside, relax and enjoy a meal and each other’s company,” said Ryan Burk, Head Cider Maker of Angry Orchard. “In the end, we crafted a new style of rosé cider that is incredibly refreshing, light and effervescent while still achieving the apple-forward flavor drinkers love about Angry Orchard.”

All I can say is my fiancée is going to love this shit.

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