This Old Solo Performance Of “Good Lord Lorrie” Will Remind You Just How Damn Good Evan Felker & Turnpike Troubadours Are

After a series of canceled shows, Evan Felker’s intoxicated performance at a benefit concert in Guthrie, Oklahoma, and the recent news of an indefinite hiatus, a lot of fans are pretty shook by what has happened to Turnpike Troubadours. Thankfully, it appears as though Evan may finally be getting the help that he needs.

Still, the unfortunate news has hit the country music world pretty hard, and for good reason. Evan, and Turnpike as a whole, are some of the most talented people in all of music.

Over the past couple weeks I’ve been listening to non-stop Turnpike Troubadours, where I’ve been constantly reminded how good they truly are. However, I also stumbled across this old solo performance of “Good Lord Lorrie” (thanks to Parker McCollum) from all the way back in 2011. Just Evan Felker in an empty room, a guitar, a harmonica, and an unrivaled, God-given talent for writing songs. Almost 10 years ago, and you could still spot Evan’s natural gifts from a mile away.

Get well soon Evan, country music needs you and the Turnpike Troubadours more than you could ever know.

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