Flatland Cavalry: The Next Big Thing In Texas Country

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Flatland Cavalry, the 5-piece band based out of Lubbock, Texas, are setting themselves up to be the next big thing in Texas Country.

Lead singer Cleto Cordero’s honest and smooth, yet sometimes gritty, songwriting provides you with relatable lyrics, intriguing characters, and toe-tapping sing-along songs, similar to that of Even Felker from the Turnpike Troubadours.

The band formed in 2012 when Cordero and drummer Jason Albers were college roommates together. Other band members include guitarist Reid Dillon, bassist Jonathan Saenz, and fiddle player Wesley Hall. They first gained some attention with the release of their debut album, Humble Folks, back in 2016 with songs such as “A Life Where We Work Out,” “One I Want,” and “Tall City Blues” getting some serious streams. They released their sophomore albums, Homeland Insecurity, on January 18th, 2019 which depicts the insecurities and struggles of life after entering into the real world as an adult.

“All the songs on the record weaved a thread of insecurity through them,” Cordero said of the title Homeland Security in an interview with Glide Magazine.

“They’re all about being unsure about everyday life and the things we go through as humans. There’s a song on there called “The Other Side of Lonesome” about depression and gun violence that I wrote after the Las Vegas shooting. And there’s another song called “Ashes” about how we have to realize the fact that no one’s gonna make it out alive. “Pretty Women” has to do with being insecure about the way you look. The record circles around all those things we think about but don’t really talk about.”

I had the pleasure of seeing these guys at a super small venue in Virginia, and the show was absolutely incredible. They have been out touring across the United States the past few months, where I’m sure their fanbase will continue to grow after each live performance.

Keep an eye on these guys in the future. Big things are ahead.

“Come Back Down”


“A Life Where We Work Out”

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