The ‘Boot Pocket’ Solves A Huge Problem At These Summer Country Concerts

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It’s an issue a lot of y’all face during festival season, summer, and beyond.

You have the perfect outfit, but you have nowhere to put a wallet. You don’t want some big bulky thing to carry around, and you don’t want to carry around loose cash or credit cards. You want this stuff secure, yet convenient.

So – where do you put your most important belongings?

The Boot Pocket.

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Boot Pocket owners, Melissa Mayer and Margot Binetti, said “Boot Pocket was thought up in a porta-potty at a Las Vegas music festival while wearing a romper dress…where the hell do you put your cash and cards in there…haha! As soon as Melissa came home and mentioned the idea to Margot (works in custom leather) Boot Pocket was born!”


It’s simple, but solves a problem many women (and men) have during summer months. I’m ALWAYS having to carry extra cards and whatnot my wife doesn’t want to carry during the summer.

Problem solved.

Boot Pocket uses Neodymium magnets, which are some of the most powerful magnets in the world to create a slick pocket that snaps onto your boot without being overly obvious or bulky. You can have the pocket snap to the inside of the boot, or outside, in a quick second.

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It’s 100% REAL leather and 100% Made in the USA, too.

This is the perfect summer accessory for festivals, concerts, bar-hopping (hey, Nashville), and convenience without affecting the look of your outfit.


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