Men In Idaho Voted Mike’s Hard Lemonade Their Favorite Beer (Yes, You Read That Right, Mike’s Hard Lemonade)

A man holding a beer bottle

Welp, so much for ever going to Idaho…

According to a new survey from Ask Men, the most popular beer in the state of Idaho is none other than Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Now, I know what you’re thinking, how did a bunch of teenage girls sneak their way into an Ask Men poll? That would be a very valid question, however according to Ask Men, they performed a Google Survey of 1,000 men (keyword: grown-ass MEN) in the U.S. to discover the top beers in each of the 50 states.

Budweiser topped the list with 18.4% of the votes, while Coors Light came in at a close second with 13.7%. Corona and Stella rounded out the top 4, with Bud Light nowhere to be found. Miller Lite barely made a dent and of course, you have some surprises like Yuengling in West Virignia, but how the fuck is Idaho going to show up to this All-American keg party with a sixer of Mike Hard Lemonade? I’m utterly astonished…

I mean, it’s not even beer… malt beverage my ass, it’s not beer. The first sentence of the Wikipedia article says:

“Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co. is an alcopop flavored malt beverage…”

Alcopop? ALCOPOP! Fuck outta my face Idaho, I was going to go fishing up there one of these days, but now, I’m worried that all they’ll have to drink is Mike’s Hard Lemonade and now I’m going to Colorado instead.

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A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock