“Guitar Bandit” Arrested In Nashville For Stealing Guitars By Stuffing Them Down His Pants

A man with a guitar

Honestly, I’m just impressed.

Most thieves seem to be content stealing small shit like jewelry or cash. You know, things that you can fit in your pockets without much of a problem. But not 32-year old Hayden Snyder. No, this guy was just stuffing full-sized guitars down his pants and walking the fuck out of the store.

According to WKRN, Snyder is suspected of stealing guitars from at least four separate music stores in the area. That means that on FOUR separate occasions, this guy walked into a store, stuffed a guitar down his pants, and then walked out without anybody even noticing. Was this guy wearing MC Hammer pants or something? I mean, in Nashville everybody is carrying a guitar, so maybe it’s just not that suspicious to see somebody carrying one in their pants?

Unfortunately for Snyder, music stores in the area started to take notice of a guy literally stuffing their guitars down his pants, dubbing Snyder the “Guitar Bandit.” (Come on, you could have gone with “The G-String Bandit.” So many jokes that were missed here).

Snyder turned himself in on one charge of theft, while police continue to investigate his string of thefts across the area.

Only in Nashville…

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