Chris Shiflett Debuts “The One You Go Home To,” From Upcoming Album Produced By Dave Cobb

Chris Shiflett is once again teaming up with country super-producer Dave Cobb for his latest project, Hard Lessons.

Of the new album, Shiflett recalls:

“I remember one night between Foo Fighters gigs last year I went out for dinner with Dave Cobb to chit chat about making this record. He said he had a vision of me playing through an old Marshall JCM-800. So, when it came time to record, we found one on Craigslist, cranked it up and it was perfect. I think this record hits a little closer to mixing everywhere I’ve been musically into one big blender and comes out something a little different. Since it was my second time working with Cobb and Co. out there at RCA Studio A, I kind of knew what to expect as far as his process, so I intentionally didn’t overthink or over-demo the songs because I didn’t want to get too stuck on any ideas I brought with me. I couldn’t be more excited about the results.”

This past Friday, Chris released “The One You Go Home To,” an old time country duet alongside singer/songwriter Elizabeth Cook.

“I had interviewed Elizabeth for my podcast, Walking The Floor, and asked her afterwards if she would sing a duet with me on my record.  We got together with my buddy Aaron Raitiere when I was out in Nashville recording and wrote this one in the spirit of a Conway Twitty / Loretta Lynn type tune, but a little more fucked up and rough around the edges. We were going for an old-school honky-tonk duet type of feel, even to the point of singing together on the same mic when we recorded it.”

Hard Lessons is set to hit shelves on June 14th.

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