Tucker Beathard Empties His Soul In Confessional New Song “Find Me Here”

This is what country music is all about…  ripping your heart open and pouring it out into a song.

In Tucker’s hyper-vulnerable “Find Me Here,” we find him drunk in a lonely hotel room confessing to God that his life has gotten out of control, just hoping and praying that Jesus doesn’t return tonight and find him this way.

“This song is my confession to the man upstairs. Because it’s such a vulnerable, personal and emotional song, the only way to fully capture that when recording it was by waiting till about 3 AM. That way I could fully get into that headspace, while my voice was tired as we recorded this as a live take with just me and a guitar.” 

It’s heavy, it’s vulnerable, and it’s honest. It’s everything that makes for one damn good song.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock