Lauren Akins Shares High School Video Of Thomas Rhett To Celebrate ‘Center Point Road’

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Back when he was still singing country songs… I kid, I kid.

With the release of Rhett’s Center Point Road today, his wife Lauren took to Instagram to share a heartfelt video from back when they were in high school together. Sitting barefoot on a stool, in what appears to be some kind of talent show, Thomas Rhett delivers a performance of Brad Paisley’s nostalgic “Letter To Me.”

If only he knew in that moment what was in store for him 11 years later…

“Over 11 years ago in high school he was STILL just the CUTEST (especially when he forgot the lines-heart in a PUDDLE ((2nd clip))  most talented and most resilient guy I knew. I was so beyond proud of him as one of his best friends. He’s clearly always been a natural entertainer and the crowd has always loved him hahah. Now I get to be his wife and have a front row seat to it all! I’m still just so proud of you honey!! Even MORE proud of you and who you are and so proud of this super personal, super talented, super AWESOME new album, Center Point Road. It’s such a nostalgic album for me too because I got to live so much of it with you. Not to mention all the songs written about our family and life today. What a cool life we get to do together! So thankful :) Happy album release babe!!! I love you.”

Congrats on the album release.

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