The Horses Are In The Back For The New ‘Rambo’ Trailer & I Officially Hate The World

For fuck’s sake people… it’s John fucking Rambo and you’re gonna hit me with the corny faux-cowboy bullshit of “Old Town Road” to get me pumped for the trailer?

Here we are at Rambo: Last Blood, the fifth and presumably final Rambo film, and we have John Rambo taking his horse down the old town road to Mexico where he has to save his friend’s daughter from a drug cartel. So far so good. I mean, it totally sounds like a plot we’ve seen before, but I don’t care, I’m here for it.

Why? Because I love Rambo. It’s such an iconic series with Stallone is one of his greatest rolls of all time. First Blood was one of my favorite childhood movies, I love Stallone, I even loved the newer 2008 Rambo, I love everything… except this fucking song that is continually ruining my life.

Make it stop… please.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock