Jon Wolfe Debuts Live Studio Performance Of New Single, “Some Ol’ Bar In The 90’s”

I think there’s a part of all of us that yearns for the things of the past. Nostalgia is such a contagious feeling, and when it comes to country music, nothing beats that nostalgic feeling you can get from 90’s country music.

I’ve said it before, but imagine how great it must’ve been to sit on a stool in some ol’ Wrigleyville dive bar in 1993, cold Miller Lite on draft, Cubs are playing the Cardinals, this young gun named Sammy Sosa just parked one onto Waveland and then somebody drops a quarter in the jukebox and cranks Alan Jackson’s new hit single “Chattahoochee.” If I could hop in a time machine, that’s exactly where I would want to go.

And, Jon Wolfe’s new single “Some Ol’ Bar in the 90’s” captures that feeling perfectly.

“It’s the first single from my new EP for a reason… It sets the tone of the new project sonically and lyrically. I write as much as I can, but when this song was pitched to me, I knew I had to record it. To me, “Some Ol’ Bar in the 90’s” says it all. It describes the very time period in country music that got me hooked.”

I’m right there with you Jon.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock