Army Vet (And NYPD Cop) Calls Out Loser Pretending To Be A War Hero

Unreal… and on Memorial Day of all days.

New York City police officer Jay Park, who just so happens to be a United States Army veteran, was working security detail at BJ’s when he noticed this clown impersonating a decorated war hero. When he confronted this imposter for his stolen valor, he gave the most cringe-worthy explanation.

“I served in Iraq… The first Gulf War…the first one. Desert Storm.”

He eventually showing the officer his state ID (for some reason). He was wearing an Air Force patch on an Army field jacket, along with Purple Hearts and other award medals and ribbons.

The officer let him have it.

“You know how disrespectful this is? On Memorial Day?” Take off the dog tags, too. You never served, obviously. Pay for your shit, and get out of the store.”

People these days… un-effing-believable.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock