Most Florida Man Ever Uses Gator To Shotgun A Beer While Cranking Lynyrd Skynyrd

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Florida? You don’t say…

Honestly, there is no reason for me to even write “Florida” in the title of this article. You see a guy using a gator to shotgun beer while cranking some Skynyrd and it just screams FLORIDA at the top of its fucking sunshine state lungs. I mean, all we’re missing is a little meth and maybe some type of sexual activity in a public place and we’d have a first-ballot Florida Man hall of famer on our hands.

First things first, don’t do this. Don’t use animals, even an alligator that could bite your hand off, for your stupid videos. Then again, me posting it, is exactly why he did it, so maybe I’m part of the problem. Anyways, Brad and Chad over here are apparently on a some sort of a drunken, Lynyrd Skynyrd gator hunt when Chad decides to throw a can in this poor gator’s mouth and and proceed to shotgun a Michelob Ultra like the hardest hardo that’s ever sailed the swamps of Florida.

Naturally, this doofus got roasted in the comments.

“God I want him to get B I T.”

“God I wanted it to bite him so bad.”

“Imagine: you’re just a gator chilling in the water when all of a sudden receding hairline Brett, Vice president Of Beta Kappa Bullshit, yanks out of the water so he can send a shit video of himself shotgunning some 4.5% beer to barstoolsports.”

Be better Chad. Be better. And, this tip is for free… you’ll never look cool shotgunning a Michelob Ultra… NEVER.

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A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock