Hank Williams Jr. Will Give You $6,000 If You Can Find His Lost Shotgun, Formerly His Grandpa’s

Hank Williams Jr. with a hat and sunglasses playing a guitar

Need some money? Shit, we all do.

If you’re in the Alabama area you may be able to reward yourself with $6,000 if you can find Hank Williams Jr.’s lost shotgun. His lawyer, Steve Smith, shared the following on Facebook offering $5,000 + a $1,000 finder’s fee on behalf of Hank Jr.

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The money is still there plus a $1000 finders fee to whoever can put me in touch with the gun. There is no suggestion that the shotgun was ever stolen and NO RISK of any follow-up after a successful recovery. It was probably lost when Hank moved from Cullman to Paris–possibly from his cabin on Smith Lake.

If the finder would prefer a gun or guitar I’m sure that can be arranged with a proper certificate of authenticity.

My email is [email protected] and my phone numbers are on the flyer.”

All the other info you need below – get to searchin’….

A kitchen with a sink and a toaster oven

Photo by C Flanigan/FilmMagic

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