RAM Recalls 410,000 Pickups Because The Tailgate Mysteriously Drops On The Road, Not By The River In The Moonlight Like You Want It To

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Dropping the tailgate is pretty much the greatest thing in the world if you ask any country song from 2011-2015, but when you’re driving down the road… not so much.

Fiat Chrysler has now recalled every Ram pickup truck from the 2015 through 2017 model year equipped with the remote tailgate lock, for a grand total somewhere in the neighborhood of 410,000.

According to Car & Driver, FCA is recalling 410,351 more trucks like these with the long eight-foot bed, including 2018 models built on or before April 1, 2018. A total of 1,559,588 trucks in the U.S. have a defective latch in which a broken tab can allow the electric actuator’s locking rod control to “overtravel” and pull on the locking rods just as a person would if using the handle to manually open the tailgate. If this happens, the tailgate isn’t just unlocked—the latch is completely open, which would let the tailgate drop open “at any time,” according to FCA.

If you have one of those RAMs, you might want to get that looked at… or you know just leave the tailgate down, park it over by the river in moonlight, crack a beer and do all that country stuff.

My God country music was bad…

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