Girl Blocks Her Ex On Instagram, He Creates Hilarious (And Sad) Fake Instagram Accounts To Contact Her

Some guys have a difficult time comprehending things when it comes to a relationship. Like this dude.

The poor SOB had to get creative, and creepy, and desperate when his ex-girlfriend blocked him on Instagram. Obviously he knew she wouldn’t return his calls, texts, etc so what’s the logical thing to do?

* light bulb goes off *

That’s right, create fake Instagram accounts that somewhat resemble statements/sentences, and request to follow her on Instagram so she gets notified constantly.

@julia_youre_fucking_killing_me is by far his best attempt. A Hail Mary with no time left and your team down by a touchdown. The pass fell incomplete, though.

Pathetic, sad, and cringeworthy but equally hilarious.

h/t Reddit

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