Nashville Craigslist Ad Is Looking for People to Wear a Kim Jong Un Mask On Broadway for $20 an Hour

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Live in Nashville and want to make some extra cash? Well, if you don’t mind wearing a rubber mask in the blazing heat and dressing like Kim Jong Un, you’re in luck.

If you’ve been to Lower Broadway in Nashville recently, you’ve probably seen the street performers dressed up like President Trump and Kim Jong Un taking pictures with tourists. I pass by them every day, and they’re creepy as hell.

Well apparently they’re recruiting people to their team. And according to this Craigslist ad, it pays $20 an hour. Not bad, but as many tips as these people get from tourists stopping to get a picture with them, I feel like they’re lowballing here. Not to mention the fact that the job requires wearing a full suit and rubber mask in the Nashville summer heat.

“Come join our Team! This is your opportunity to have fun entertaining tourists and passers by. ranging from wearing masks to taking photos. Inquire if your energetic, outgoing, and have sales experience. $20 HR.”

But still, being able to get paid $20 an hour for wearing a rubber mask on a street corner and taking pictures with drunk tourists?

God I love this city.

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