Nashville Man Dreams Up Design For 400-Foot Neon Guitar Ferris Wheel On The River

A ferris wheel by a body of water with buildings in the background

How about this bad boy perched high above the Cumberland River?

This 400-ft tall guitar-shaped ferris wheel is the brainchild of a Hendersonville man named Barry Lee. However, he has plans for more than just a ferris wheel, he’s looking to completely overhaul the entire downtown Nashville Riverfront. Complete with new bars, condos, restaurants, a helipad, and more, Barry’s “Music City Guitar Wheel” is just part of a larger vision for what he calls the “Honky Tonk Boardwalk.”

From Barry himself:

“This giant guitar attraction was created to coincide with my vision for a destination attraction for another area of downtown Nashville along the riverfront. This destination would be known as the Honky Tonk Boardwalk. The Music City Guitar Wheel is 400′ overall with the actual wheel type ride being at 200′ and the top of the neck being at 400′. In addition to the Ferris Wheel type ride, there would also be a 400′ drop ride added to the neck of the guitar which would drop its riders from the top of the neck to the bottom of the guitar. This attraction and iconic structure for Music City would be a privately funded attraction and not a public taxpayer burden. No other city in the world would have this attraction as there are numerous city’s who have giant ferris wheel rides but nothing as awesome as this. It is iconic all by itself, but with its inclusion within the Honky Tonk Boardwalk development there would be nothing comparable to it anywhere.”

As a guy from Chicago (we have a big-ass ferris wheel here), I have to say this would be pretty damn cool. Also, as a guy that’s afraid of heights, no way in hell I’m riding it. Still, this would be quite the attraction, one worthy of the “Nash-Vegas” title that so many bachelorettes love to throw around while their sucking down 2-for-1 Jello shots.

Plus, according to Barry, he already has a manufacturer for the guitar ready to go, he’s just looking for a developer for the entire Honky Tonk Boardwalk.

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For more renderings and Barry’s complete vision for the Honky Tonk Boardwalk, visit

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