Eric Church Will Be The First Artist To Headline Nashville’s Nissan Stadium Without An Opener

As I wrote about recently, Eric Church is putting on the Tour of the Fucking Year.

This weekend (Saturday, May 25), Church will become the first artist to put on a solo show with no opening acts at Nissan Stadium in Nashville. The stadium has been around for over 20 years. To put it simply, he doesn’t need an opening act as he has crowds in the palm of his hand for 3+ hours a night.

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(photo Credit: Justice Slone)

We’ve talked about this at length on the site, podcast, Twitter and beyond – we will riot if Eric doesn’t win Entertainer of the Year. The show and performance he puts on are second to none, and Nashville is about to have itself one helluva special night this Saturday.

To get you ready, here he is performing “Gin and Juice” in LA.

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A beer bottle on a dock