Dale Earnhardt Jr. & Chase Elliott Surprise Unsuspecting Customers At A Car Wash

Imagine pulling into the car wash and Dale Jr. and Chase Elliott start cleaning up your ride?

Well, thanks to good people at Mountain Dew, as part of their new DEW Time Off (D.T.O.) campaign, the two racing stars surprised Kira Orellana, a Charlotte resident, by filling in for her at the Autobell Car Wash. Dale, who was raised in NC, and Chase, who recently won the Cup Series at Talladega, team up to surprise unsuspecting fans, wipe down some vehicles, and give Kira some much-needed time off to pursue her passion of martial arts.

For two guys that spend their entire lives surrounded by cars, they sure didn’t act like they knew too much about cleaning them, but then again, that’s not what makes you the big bucks. Going really, really fast is and they’re two of the best at it.

I still really want to drink a beer with Dale Jr. and I could definitely use some time off. Can you make that happen too Mountain Dew?

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock