Two Veterans Reunite For The First Time In Nearly 60 Years & I’m Bawling

If you were looking to kick off your Sunday morning with a good cry, look no further.

This video was originally posted back in 2015, but it’s making the viral rounds again on the interwebs so why not share it again. Long story short, these two gentleman were best buds in the military together and had not seen each other in a long long time.

“My father had not seen his Army buddy, Ken, in 58 years and our family arranged a surprise visit. Incidentally, Dad’s nickname in the Army was “Tex” and no one else has ever called him that.”

58 years from 2015 might place these two in the Korean War together, but that’s just me speculating. All I know for sure is I’m bawling like a baby watching two grown men hug.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock