Natty Light Is Hiring Interns To Drink Beer, Do Fun Stuff, For $40 An Hour

Natty Light is looking for a beer drinking summer intern that’s “Natty-Qualified.”

What does “Natty-Qualified” mean? They say it’s “someone who lives the values of the Natural Light brand. It’s someone who values making amazing memories as much as a stellar GPA. It’s someone who’s just as creative writing an English 102 essay as they are converting a bathtub into a cooler.”

To launch the search, their actual brand manager, Leon, shot a recruitment video to give you a look at the action inside the beer’s headquarters in NYC and describe the journey one lucky candidate will get to experience this summer.

The intern will get paid $40 an hour – so you’re getting paid to drink beer and do fun stuff like run the beer’s social accounts. Have what it takes? Apply here (21+).

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock