Kevin Harvick Loses Bet, Will Drive Millennial-Themed Car in This Weekend’s All-Star Race


What happens when an old NASCAR driver loses a bet? He’s forced to drive a hot pink racecar covered in avocado toast and millennial slang like “skrrrt” and “turnt.”

Before last year’s championship race at Homestead Miami Speedway, Busch beer was so confident that the “old guy” Kevin Harvick would win the championship that they promised a “v lit paint scheme” for millennials next year if Harvick didn’t pull it off.

Spoiler alert: He didn’t. Joey Logano ended up winning the race and the championship, so now it’s time for Busch to make good on their end. And this millennial car is… really something.

Harvick himself doesn’t seem to be a fan of the car, sarcastically thanking Busch for designing “an absolutely horrible looking racecar,” while also questioning the meaning of the word “yeet” and the significance of the frog drinking a cup of tea. (But seriously though, what does “yeet” mean?)

It’s not pretty, but a bet’s a bet.

And TBH, “Busch AF” is a pretty badass slogan… even on a hot pink car.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock