5 Important Life Lessons From Brothers Osborne’s “While You Still Can”

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Say what you want about the quality of music these days, every song has a message.

Even if a lot of what we hear on the radio every day seems shallow and meaningless, they’re still saying something. And make no mistake, music is shaping our culture.

Which is exactly why it’s so refreshing to hear a song like this one from the Brothers Osborne, that much-needed reminder to slow down, take stock of what’s important, and appreciate what you have while you still can.

Here’s 5 life lessons from “While You Still Can.”

1. Call up an old friend you haven’t talked to in a while and catch up.

“Make amends with that old friend // You swore you’d never talk to again // Because you miss him.”
“Cause years grow wings and fly on by // And time slips through your fingers just like sand.”

2. Spend meaningful time with your family, especially your parents. You never know how much longer they’ll be around.

“Call up your mom on the telephone // Talk a whole lot of nothing til the cows come home // And listen.”
“Get your dad to tell that same old joke // And laugh between a jack and coke // And hope one day you’ll be half as funny.”

3. Life is short and nothing lasts forever. Take the bull by the horns, live in the moment, and take some chances.

“Cause everything you thought would last forever // Never lasts forever like you plan // Don’t let your now become a never // So take life by the hands while you still can.”

4. Be a genuine person, be humble in victory and gracious in defeat, and treat others with love and respect. Because in the end that’s what defines you.

Count your blessings, thank the stars // Cause in the end who you are // It’s about the love you give // It sure as hell ain’t about the money.”

5. Live every single moment in life like it’s your last.

“You just imagine // Anything can happen if you live every moment like your last.”

Great song. Great message. Take life by the hands while you still can.

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