21 Texas Country Songs You Should Be Listening To Right Now

Listen up people.

We’re bringing you some Texas country quick picks right now, AKA, 20 songs you need on you country music playlist.

No bullshit, here ya go.

1. The Devil Don’t Scare Me Anymore – Josh Ward

2. Takin’ Me A Heartbreak – Randall King

3. Old School – Flatland Cavalry

4. Cheat On Me – Bri Bagwell

5. Crazy People – Randy Rogers Band

6. Stay – William Clark Green

7. Kiss That Girl Goodbye – Aaron Watson

8. Other Side Of The Radio – Mike Ryan

9. Fell In Love On Whiskey – Wade Bowen

10. Let’s Make A Love Song – Casey Donahew

11. Big Ol’ Heartache – Kylie Rae Harris

12. Somewhere Between I Love You And I’m Leavin’ – Cody Jinks

13. Country Song To Sing – Kevin Fowler

14. Hard Headed Heart – Clay Hollis

15. Ain’t Enough Beer – Kylie Frey

16. Had A Thing – Curtis Grimes

17. I’m Your Only Flaw – Josh Abbott Band

18. Like I Love You – Sarah Hobbs

19. Diamond Rings & Cocaine – Kolby Cooper

20. Shallow – Parker McCollum

21. Austin – Koe Wetzel

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