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This Camo’ed Out Deer Stand Truck Is The Latest & Greatest In Hunting Utility Vehicle Technology

Beautiful machine.

Somewhere down in the great state of Alabama, this epic feat of redneck engineering is for sale, AKA, this work of art could be YOURS. Found on the trusty Facebook Marketplace, this hunting utility vehicle (or HUV, as I’m going to refer to it throughout the rest of this blog post) can get you down the road, up in the air, and if you can shoot worth a shit, can get you dinner on the table.

What we’re looking at here is a 1995 Chevy S10 dually with a 30 ft. scissor lift in the bed. The deer stand sits on the lift while two stabilizers extend from the back bumper to keep you safe, and of course the whole thing is painted in camo print so those deer will never see you coming.

Here’s the Seller’s full Description:

“1995 Chevy S10 4X4 Dually. Has 128.000 miles on her. The deer box raise’s around 30ft up. Has a V6 Vortec automatic with overdrive. Comes with a Warn 6000 lb winch on the front. Lights on top work. Also has 2 5000 lb air bags on rear suspension. Guages for the airbags are mounted on the dash. AC works but blows cool air. Freon may need a little bit to cap it off. Come with 2. 3ft to 4 foot legs on the back bumper. To stabilize the truck. Runs n drives good. Title is being applied for. Clear bill of sale. $3500.”

Sounds like a steal to me. If you’re looking for an edge in the hunting game, the ultimate in HUV technology, look no further.

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