Oreo To Launch 5 New Flavors This Summer… Goodbye Summer Body

God bless Oreo.

America’s favorite cookie absolutely nailed it on the first try, I mean, who doesn’t love a classic Oreo? Nobody, that who. Then they hit is with the Double Stuf… double the filling, double the fun. However, over the years, they’ve launched a bunch of new flavors, some good, some bad, but this summer, they will be revealing something new every single month until fall.

Starting in May, they will bring back the S’mores flavor. It’s not exactly new per se, but it has been discontinued until now. In June, they’ll debut their new Latte Thins, along with Marshmallow Moon, followed by Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream in July, and finally Maple Creme in August.

Goodbye summer body, hello Oreo body.

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