Lifelong Tennessee Vols Dad Pulls Sticker Off His Truck When Son Commits To Georgia

A house divided cannot stand.

Today, offensive tackle Tate Ratledge committed to the University of Georgia to play some of that good ol’ fashioned SEC college football we all know and love. Problem is, his grandmother, his father Dean, and even himself… lifelong Tennessee Volunteers fans. We’re talking about generations of Vols fans, that legacy destroyed with the single flick of a pen.

But, the bigger question on everybody’s mind is what would dad do? Would Dean Ratledge disown his Benedict Arnold son for choosing Georgia over the Volunteers?

Just an incredible move by dad.

“I look at it as a business decision, kind of — like, where I would like to live without football, where I’d like to go, period,” Ratledge said last year to 24/7 Sports. “I mean, my dad would be the happiest man ever if I went to Tennessee. But he said he’s got his scrapbook. It’s up to me where I go. He said wherever I go, he’s going to cheer me on.”

Sure, the Orange and White runs thick, but blood runs thicker than that. The dawning of a new era in the Ratledge household, a moment that will live in infamy, a generational turning of the page… you just love to see it.

Remember Jacob Copeland? Also a Vols family, but when he made the move to go to Florida, his mom was less than thrilled. She got up and walked out of the room…

Now THAT’s SEC football folks.

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