Aldi’s 3.5% ABV Beer-Infused Sausages Will Literally Get You Drunk

A glass of beer next to a plate of sausages and sausages

Whenever you flip on the news and feel like the world is burning down around you, all hope is lost and that life sucks, just remember that you can get drunk while eating a sausage and life is actually pretty fucking amazing.

It’s a scientific fact that summer is flat-out better with ice cold beer and delicious meat on the grill, and the good folks at Aldi, the German discount grocery store, are going to do you one better and combine the two. That’s right people, I’m talking about a delicious beer-infused sausage that will literally get you drunk.

Dubbed “Boozy British Bangers” these beauties come in three delicious flavors: Thatcher’s Traditional Cider, Bramley Apple, and Golden Ale and Cheese, all of which clock in at 3.5 percent alcohol. Not to mention, they’re only going to run you about $2.50 for a pack of 4.

Like the rest of the good Aldi shit, these will initially only be for sale in the UK, however, with over 1,500 stores throughout the United States, they’re bound to come across the pond before the summer ends.

Bring on the summer.

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A beer bottle on a dock