Midland’s Cameron Duddy Split His Pants During Trio’s Headlining Debut At The Ryman, Runs On Stage In Underwear

What a special night for the fellas.

Headlining the iconic Mother Church for the very first time, performing alongside greats like Brooks & Dunn and Chris Isaak, delivering impeccable harmonies, killer covers, and some of the best damn country tunes you’re going to hear, and oh yeah, a half-naked Cameron Duddy running across the stage.

“Do you ever feel like life isn’t real?” Wystrach said, according to the Tennessean. “This is unbelievable.”

“I hate to do this,” said Carson. “Cameron just had to run backstage. The reason is he rocked so hard on the last number that he split his pants.”

“If you’ve never been to a Midland show, this is pretty standard,” Wystrach continued. “You better bring two pairs of pants to a Midland show.”

Finally, right as Wystrach told the crowd that he thought this was probably the first time someone split their pants on that sacred stage, Cameron burst back on stage wearing nothing but his underwear, socks and a bass guitar.

Cameron’s brother Collin Duddy apparently captured the magic, with a quick snap of his brother running across the stage in his drawers. Never a dull moment with these three.

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The trio closed out the epic night with a performance alongside the great Chris Isaak.

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