Chris Stapleton’s ‘Traveller’ Is 4 Years Old Today: A Quick Look Back At The Iconic Country Record

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All it took was one performance with Justin Timberlake to show the entire world what the rest of the country music community already knew…

Chris Stapleton is an incredible talent.

While those in the industry already knew that Chris was a gifted songwriter, skilled guitar player, and downright incredible vocalist, many casual fans had never even heard of him. But back in 2015, Chris took the stage at the CMA Awards, alongside Justin Timberlake, to perform a cover of the David Allan Coe/George Jones classic, “Tennessee Whiskey,” and the rest was history.

Traveller went on to become one of the greatest country albums in recent memory, and quite possibly, ever. Right now, 4 years later, it’s still sitting at #3 on the Billboard Country Albums chart.

“Today Traveller is 4 years old & has sold 4 million copies. Thank you to everyone who has shared the journey.”

Here’s 5 of our favorite tracks:

“Tennessee Whiskey”

“Fire Away”

“Whiskey & You”

“The Devil Named Music”

“Sometimes I Cry”


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